Positive Self

- Dr. Ritika Srivastava

Dr. Ritika Srivastava

About Me

An established Organizational Psychologist (Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology) by qualification with Graduation (B.A Hons.) in Psychology & Post Graduation (M.A.) Clinical Psychology from Rajasthan University (Jaipur). I also possess PG diploma in Human resource management from Indian institute of commerce and trade (Lucknow).

Apart from my professional commitments, I also publish Psycho-educational research and counseling articles in various Indian Journals. I have earlier worked as a Psychologist at Shri Nirmal Vivek School for Mentally Challenged People at Jaipur. In the past few years, I got an opportunity to work with some of the leading MNC’S in India as an independent Psychologist.

I am also a member of Counsellors association of India (CAI) and American Psychological Association (APA).


Why I choose to do this?

 Indian economy is growing at an accelerated speed and a number of multinational companies are coming up like 'Mushrooms' that have opened new avenues for the youth in India in terms of employment & other opportunities. After working there for a brief period, I started realizing that although the Indian youth gets attracted initially to the global culture of MNC's but as the time passes by, the employees start feeling themselves under pressure of the organizational stress which threaten the working capacity & work productivity of an employee, self-efficacy decreases, lack of cohesiveness increases which further rise to office politics, high turnover, lack of clarity of roles & with an increased competition among the co-workers, one comes under a feeling of inferiority.  

My self-driven passion and interest for human well-being led me to serve the community and society at large by handling such problems. I think everyone has the potential or capability to solve his /her own problem, the only job of any Counsellor or a Psychologist is to evoke a sense of self worth and hence, making an individual capable of decision making. Being a Psychologist, I know how to work with different personalities in ways that enable them to communicate their feelings and needs, make them relaxed, thus enhancing the quality of the information gathered for the report.


What I do?

Being associated with the field of Psychology for over a decade now,I patiently and passionately deal with the requests and the demands of people. After a deep understanding of the complexities of human behaviour, I aim to locate difficulties. Then, I provide a dynamic, holistic approach of care with the main focus on establishing a strong therapeutic relationship with clients. With an extremely client centred and insightful approach, I begin with the ability to quickly establish rapport with whomever it comes into contact with. I allow people to understand their innate problems and deal with them; I assist people to develop personal strength to cope with life. Within this role, I believe in action oriented approach. Being a highly motivated and goal orientated person, I try to apply the best of my abilities to every situation and task I encounter. With my great zeal I try to empower clients to take control of their lives, helping them to maximize their potential. I use a Relational approach in which I encourage people to achieve what they are truly capable of.