Positive Self

- Dr. Ritika Srivastava


What I do?

 I patiently and passionately deal with the requests and the demands of people. After a deep understanding of the complexities of human behaviour, I aim to locate difficulties. Then, I provide a dynamic, holistic approach of care with the main focus on establishing a strong therapeutic relationship with clients. With an extremely client centred and insightful approach, I begin with the ability to quickly establish rapport with whomever it comes into contact with. I allow people to understand their innate problems and deal with them; I assist people to develop personal strength to cope with life. Within this role, I believe in action oriented approach. Being a highly motivated and goal orientated person, I try to apply the best of my abilities to every situation and task I encounter. With my great zeal I try to empower clients to take control of their lives, helping them to maximize their potential. I use a Relational approach in which I encourage people to achieve what they are truly capable of. 


I do Psychological Counselling for:



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How I can help

I am a qualified psychological counselor, and I abide by the codes of conduct and professional practice.

Most importantly, you will be treated as a person rather than a case study. I tend to avoid labelling people with psychological diagnoses such as being "anxious", "depressed" or "psychosomatic" etc. I find that many clients have been previously (mis)labelled by someone else and that it is counter-productive. Instead, I take each person individually and regard their problem as a unique theme. I try to understand what it must feel like from the inside. I am then concerned to help you unravel whatever keeps the problem going and to help you identify ways of changing things for the better.

Psychological Counselling is very much a collaborative process, and I will try to help you to help yourself. I promise that you won't be engulfed by the therapy (or the therapist), or pressured to say or do anything you wouldn't want to. What matters most is that we learn to work together on the basis of respect and trust. I hope that you will find the experience of Psychological Counselling both interesting and rewarding, and that it will enable you to transcend whatever troubles you and to discover your true potential. Your privacy is our concern. Client and counsellor sit in private and engage in a lot of talking and listening.

Each session typically lasts between 50 minutes and one hour. Sometimes just a single session is sufficient for a client's needs, but more usually client and counsellor continue to meet for several weeks or even months. Client and counsellor plan together how often and for how long to meet.

Nowadays many psychological counsellors prefer to work with clients over a small number of highly focused sessions and then to offer an "open door" policy. This means that clients are free to return for more sessions if and when they require them, knowing that there is a reliable professional service available and that they will always be made welcome.

Couples meet with the counsellor in the same way and may use the sessions to better understand how they communicate and react to each others needs. Many couples find attending alternate individual and joint sessions to be especially helpful


How You Can Consult Me

You can consult me personally as well as on the phone. After talking to the patient, the counsellor decides which approach will be best suited for particular person and condition. Call us for an appointment:

Online counselling is not the same as a face to face therapy or counselling, but it is proved to be quiet effective for many people.

In Online Counselling you can talk about your problems, issues, thoughts etc through emails, chats or phone. Skype is also a good medium for online counselling. Just like face to face counselling, online counselling is also an exchange of dialogue between the therapist and you, to resolve your issues, problems and to encourage personal growth. You will recieve the therapists understanding, support, questions, information, suggestions, feedbacks and also strategies to improve your life and help you with your problems. 

Email Therapy- This is a therapeutic email conversation.Some people take just a couple of email exchanges to resolve their issues while others establish a therapeutic relationship with the therapist with regular exchange of emails. One can start with telling the therapist the areas that one needs to work on and take it from there.

For residents living in India Rs.200/- per email.

Residents living outside India US $ 15.00

Monthly email Therapy- The therapist will maintain email support through out the month and offer suggestions, feedback, understanding. The therapist will try and respond to your email as early as possible but sometimes because of the need to attend to other clients this might get delayed. Your patience is appreciated. This will be a one time monthly payment.

For residents living in India Rs.2000 (for one month).

Residents living outside India US $50 (for one month).

Chat Therapy- This is a chat room session with the therapist. This is more interactive than the email support and will be conducted once a week for 40 minutes.


For residents living in India Rs.700/-

For residents living outside India US $ 35.

Phone Therapy- The sessions will be conducted over the phone with the therapist, this can also be done through webcams. The sessions will be scheduled once a week. It will be a 45 minute session. 


For residents living in India, Rs.500/- per 45 minute session.

For residents living outside India US $ 40 per 45 minute session.

Not all issues are resolved through online counselling but if you feel you cannot, or do not want to talk about your issues in a face to face therapeutic session then online consultation is a good place to begin.

Face to Face counselling:In this, the client and the counselee sits opposite to each other and the greatest benefit is both of them can view the reactions and behavior of each other.

For residents living in India, Rs.600/- per 45 minute session.


Advantages of Online Counselling

You feel comfortable talking from the confines of your home. You are not afraid to open up sooner with the therapist since you do not have to face him/her and do not feel judged. You can easily communicate your thoughts and feelings to the therapist through emails, and writing brings you closer to yourself. You get better insight about your own thoughts and feelings. You can go back and read your emails and chat transcripts again and this gives you greater clarity.  


Disadvantages of Online Counselling

Exchanging emails can cause some confusion and will lead to asking more questions and details. It doesnt give the therapist the overall idea about the client like a face to face session does. Online chats do not provide the same amount of confidentiality that a face to face session ensures.

Payment Options for online counselling

Payment can be made in the form of cheque/DD or online money transfer.