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Fighting bad habit

I am 55 yrs. old chain smoker. Now, this habit is taking a toll on my professional as well as on personal life. I want to get rid of this habit but unable to do ,so far. Please advise.

Fighting Self

I am a 40yr.old person who is a drug addict. I got married 8 yrs. ago and after few years I got involved in this habit. Now my wife has left me along with our 2 yr.old daughter. I tried to quit that habit but I fall sick whenever I stop taking my drug for few days. Do help.

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Fighting Self

I am 19yr. old girl who is an extrovert, a fashionista and a hard core party animal kind of a person. My family is a bit conservative kind of, who always tell me to focus on my studies and to behave in the manner which my society approves. Now, my friends have started mocking at me. Sometimes, they …

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